BPN: EPISODE 1 - "So Now You Are Alone..."


This week's episode is about spaces and places. More specifically, spaces and places that are unfamiliar.The feeling of moving to a new apartment, for example. On the one hand, this is very exciting; it is a new space to discover, full of potential. On the other, there is a loneliness to it, an unfamiliarity that sends a shiver of isolation through you. You are in this unknown place, and know you must do the hard work to figure out how to exist there.

0:00 - This first track is called 'Voices From Yonder' by Masahiko Togashi. It felt like a good place to begin.

6:47 - Here I decided to add in certain segments of this documentary record, 'Man On The Moon', narrated by Walter Cronkite. This will re-appear later on as well. Certain slices of these recordings bring me comfort while also creating a sense of unease; maybe because they are an artifact of something so familiar yet so unknown. I will probably never go to the moon.

13:05 - Slipping into textures for the next part, starting with this ambient soundscape. Not the track I intended to play, actually (wrong side of the record), but worked just as well. I felt calm here, but not necessarily relaxed.

17:48 - This track is a wonderful example of what just a few sounds can do to create a very unique space and place. Very good minimalism in my book. I'm lost to this track.

23:45 - This is Jeff Mills with a track called 'Common Space'. He has a write up for this record I definitely recommend reading.

28:23 - The next few get sloshy. Robert Henke for the first, a very special Chain Reaction record for the second. Slipping down a circuit board into an unknown sea.

43:40 - 'Are You There?'. Insane record with only a single locked groove. Looping into infinity asking the same question over and over and over and over and over and over...

45:35 - Washing it all out. A special planetarium experience. This record to me is absolute retro ambient madness with just enough touches of the future. 'Gost Instrument', GIN 001.

53:16 - And here we are at the last track, 'Erosion 3'. A nice way to summarize the thoughts in here, full of wistful melodies and shocking industrialism. Something you have heard of but are wholly unprepared to encounter yourself.

Thank you for reading the show notes and joining me on the first episode! Here is a little bonus for you. Next month's episode will have everything to do with movement, and moving fast. It will try to wash out all those lingering thoughts that 'Sunday is a day to rest'. No. Sunday is just as good as any other day to get moving :)

See you next month!